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I offer integrative & holistic therapeutic support to individuals & families. Treatment options are extensive & range from bi-weekly or traditional weekly sessions to monthly checks-ins. 

EOnWellness Sex Therapy

Struggling with arousal/feel a loss of passion/sexual pleasure? Want sex in different ways or frequency than your partner and/or with different partners? Working in the sex industry without any supportive outlets to rant or rave about day-to-day life? Experiencing sexual pain, difficulty achieving orgasm. You don’t have to keep avoiding your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about sex or continue to feel like the topic of sex is too "taboo" to discuss. Sex therapy addresses a wide array of sexual concerns that impact both individuals and relationships. Sex therapy can help you to explore & have the sexual life you desire.

I am a sex positive therapist who is sex worker friendly and kink aware. I am nonjudgmental, which means that I do not have any preconceived notions of what your sexuality, identity, etc. “should” look like. Sometimes we live our life, including our sexual life, a certain way because we think we’re “supposed” to do. But it doesn’t always make us happy. By creating a safe and nonjudgmental environment where you can express your thoughts and feelings, we can work together in individualized therapy towards your deeper personal growth & wellness journey, and aid with discovering how to live your true authentic self & life with renewed confidence.


You may wonder, "What exactly is sex psychotherapy?"  The quick and easy way I describe sexual psychotherapy (which may be referred to as "sexology") is where human sexuality and mental health & wellness overlap.  Sex therapy allows you to consider (often for the first time) what your sexual experience has been like throughout your life, what your sexual experience is currently like, and what priorities you have for sexual expression in your future. Therapeutic goals are established by you in the area of your sex life/expression/identity/etc. that cause you difficulty or dissatisfaction, whether that be through internal thought patterns or outward expression. These goals are often addressed in tandem with other therapeutic topics typical to counseling, such as a sexless marriage or relationship, conflict in the relationship, stress, anxiety, depression, gender identity, sexual arousal & response, infidelity, feeling comfortable & confident in the skin your in to be able to express your needs, wants, & desires, sexual behavior, perspectives & attitudes on or towards sex(uality), sexual orientation, communication, sexual difficulties, sexual abuse & trauma, and so many other topics.


I was raised to believe that discussing sex & sexuality, was as healthy & comfortable, as speaking about the subject of eating a balanced diet.  Look at my “Random: Get to Know Me” section to see what truly kicked it all off.  As I grew up and started having conversations with friends, I learned that not only were a vast majority of people not raised in that way...There were taboos, along with feelings of shame, guilt, & embarrassment not only about the specific topic of sex, but understanding their own gender, sexuality, & body that were impressed upon others.  This at times could be due to religious upbringing, possibly not feeling comfortable with discussing the topics themselves, or a plethora of other reasons.  The DSM 5 (latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) explains that because sexual response involves the body, mind, and emotions, often more than one factor is involved—including problems related to one’s partner, the relationship in general, individual factors (such as aging, poor body image, low self-esteem), cultural or religious factors, and medical factors. As I went through life and my education, I took it upon myself to not only seek out further education on sexual psychology...I also, joined different organizations and groups that would allow me further understanding on a personal & professional level.




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